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Location tracker. Share location and points. Record and share GPX routes.

With this GPS tracker You can:
- use Google Maps and OpenStreetMap (OSM);
- share location in real-time and see friends on the map;
- record, share and analyse routes in GPX format;
- set points on the map and share them for friends.

This GPS tracker is great for group riding and sporting events (enduro, moto, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, etc.), team games (airsoft, paintball, laser tag etc.), personal sports activities, etc.
Registration is not required. Just ask Your friends to install this GPS tracker and set the same Group Name in app settings.
With beacon switched on, this real-time GPS tracker will share real-time location using internet connection within group specified in app settings.
The recorded GPX route contains statistics (duration, length, speed, elevation difference, etc.) and detailed information about each point of the recorded path.

The app supports Wear OS. All the app options are synchronized with a mobile device app. The app requires a connection (using the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch app) between mobile and wearable device for settings and options to sync properly. GPX tracks and waypoints displayed on the mobile app will also be displayed on the wearable app.
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Enduro Tracker Web App

allows you to see other Enduro Tracker users on a map from any Internet browser of popular OS (Windows, MacOS, IOS, TV...).
Beacon functionality is limited in web version(you can share your location only if app is active).

App User Manual

with detailed description of functionality and application principles.

Notifier for Enduro Tracker

Android application allows you to receive notifications as soon as your friends start sharing location or GPX track in your Enduro Tracker app group.

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